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Dedicated to Preserving Tibetan Culture

In response to changing technology and people’s reading habits, Dharma Treasure Corp. has made available original woodblock prints on the internet, developing digitization of Tibetan scriptures that allows users to easily search, read and compare Tibetan texts. In the future, regardless of where people are in the world, the Tibetan scriptures can be read online and then our mission to preserve Tibetan culture will be fulfilled.


Continuing the Tradition of Tibetan Texts Through Modern Technology

In the past, we used to wrap Tibetan scriptures in satin cloths, putting them in between two wooden planks; so if we wanted to refer to any scriptures we would need to go to these traditional printed copies. However, the 21st century is the age of the internet and sources of information often come from websites and social media vehicles.

Accordingly, we have made it possible for us to use our phones or computers to search and read a particular scripture. In general, the use of the internet by Tibetan Buddhism is somewhat lacking. Tibetan websites are lacking in number and content, especially with regard to the Kangyur, Tengyur and other scriptures.

The potential future spread of Buddhism will be limited if it cannot keep up with changes in society. If Buddhism cannot keep up with the needs and habits of modern people, and they gradually lack greater interest in traditional methods of referring to Tibetan scriptures, then progressively reading, learning and research in the area of these precious Buddhist scriptures will diminish. It is thus the goal of Dharma Treasure Corp. to digitize principally the Kangyur and Tengyur and also other Tibetan Buddhist documents. And also digitize non-religious documents such as those to do with Tibetan culture and language.

The aim is to make use of modern technology to allow everyone greater access to learn and research these traditional documents.


The Four Main Objectives of Dharma Treasure Corp